Adolfo And Gustavo Angel
Balada Gruperas Latin Pop Mexico

Los Temerarios

Los Temerarios are today one of the most famous groups in Mexico and Latin America. The place they have won in people’s hearts was not conquered by chance but has been the result of constant work.

Adolfo Ángel Alba, better known as the “Temerario Mayor” began this dream some twenty-four years ago in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico, together with his brother Gustavo and cousin, Fernando.

They became known thanks to the great charisma the boys, aged eight to thirteen years old at that time, projected and together with the voice of “the Angel of the group”, as Gustavo Ángel is known today and the creativity and drive of the “Temerario Mayor” they won the hearts of many people who from that time on have enjoyed this really different music.

Later on, under the name of Conjunto la Brisa, they played at weddings, fifteenth birthday parties, charity fairs and other celebrations and gradually opened up their way in the world of music.

Los Temerarios’ rhythm was initially Chicano, and they played national covers. However, they came later on to dedicate themselves to ballads, the romantic music that identifies Los Temerarios today in different countries; and this identification of the public with our star group is no doubt due to the fact that they began to write their own songs with words that are mainly about love.

At present, Los Temerarios hold a privileged place in the Latin music industry. The numerous awards they have won (that only few artists of this genre have been given) and the large numbers of albums sold in different countries have made them worthy of international acclaim.

But the greatest treasure to be found in the hearts of these artists is the devotion of their audiences which can be seen as they pack the places where they play to sing along to songs like “Tu infame engaño”, “Ven porque te necesito”, “Sí quiero volver”, “Te quiero” “Cómo quisiera volver”, “Sólo te quiero a ti”, “Mi vida eres tú”, “O él o yo”, “Perdóname”, “Tu última canción”, “La mujer que soñé”, “Eres un sueño”, “Una tarde fue”, “Como tú”, “La mujer de los dos”, “Cómo te recuerdo”, “Por qué te conocí”, “Te hice mal”, “En la madrugada se fue” and recently “Si tú quisieras” with voices showing they share the same feeling, and that each member of the group has a placed etched out deep in the soul of their followers.

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