Gary Neville slams Bruno Fernandes’ apology after Manchester United penalty miss


Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes missed a crucial penalty against Aston Villa at the weekend as the Red Devils were beaten at Old Trafford.

Although the Portuguese international had the chance to tie the score at the end, he ended up scoring his spot-kick.

Fernandes, who is often deadly from the penalty spot, has contributed to many crucial strikes since joining Sporting Lisbon.

However, the 27-year-old let his side down at the weekend and Fernandes sent out an apology to the fans on social media after the game.

The midfielder revealed that he is his biggest critic and he will use the experience as motivation in future. Fernandes refused all excuses for his penalty miss, and he has promised to be ready for penalties in the future.

Former Manchester United defender and club legend Gary Neville has now reacted to the midfielder’s apology on social media.

During a Q&A session earlier today, the former Premier League defender revealed that the apology is hardly genuine and it is likely a PR spin. Neville branded the apology as ’embarrassing’ and urged the player to sack his PR people.

Although he doesn’t object to footballers apologizing, the popular pundit believes authenticity. He also accused PR of creating fake personalities.

Neville claims that posts such as these are often used to hide poor performances and distract from them.

The former Manchester United defender said: “It’s embarrassing! They need to fire their PR people, be authentic and get on with the job. I’m going to go big on this in the next few weeks. They’ve all got these comms managers, that are creating personalities that don’t exist.

“The apology culture that’s engulfing football would be ok if it came from a genuine place. However, more often than not, it’s a smokescreen and diversion tactic designed to mask a crap performance by experts!! Losing a game is a crisis communication meeting! How do we spin this one our way?”.

It will be interesting if Fernandes responds from Neville.

Fernandes’ apology didn’t seem necessary at all given the way he performed throughout the game. The record-breaking 10 passes that the midfielder made against Aston Villa is unsurpassed by any Premier League player since the 2017/18 season.

The penalties are often a matter of luck, and the player didn’t miss his spot-kick deliberately.


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