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‘Green Ship Classification’ to Cut Panama Canal Emissions

The Panama Canal Authority has announced a new “Green Ship Classification” which will see lesser polluting vessels charged reduced tariffs for passing through the waterway, in a scheme that is intended to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Panama Canal ship passing through According to Ricaurte Vásquez, the administrator of the Panama Canal, the move will […]

Latino websites

Palmerola International Airport to Boost Biz in Honduras

The new Palmerola International Airport in central Honduras will be an “investment trigger” for the Central American nation, according to a leading official at the country’s investment promotion agency. Map of Honduras, with major cities This facility was opened in October 2021 and is situated outside Comayagua. It can handle more passengers than Toncontin International […]

Latino websites

Regulatory Update: 7 LatAm Offices Report Changes in November 2021

The legal and accounting teams at Biz Latin Hub’s offices in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Mexico reported the following regulatory updates in November 2021 that could affect your business interests. Biz Latin Hub has multilingual support staff based across Latin America. We offer tailored back-office packages, which include legal […]


Giggs Releases A/B-side “Difference Ft. Rowdy Rebel and “Innocent”

Giggs is back, returning with two new singles, “Differences” featuring New York’s Rowdy Rebel, and “Innocent.” Directed by One Take (“Differences”) and BehindTheSeeNez (“Innocent”) both visuals were shot in New York. Giggs was fortunate to spend some time in the United States. He has been able travel around the globe and found inspiration for music. […]