Paola Jara Striking A Pose
Colombia Cumbias

Paola Jara

Real Name : Paola Jara Nickname : N/A Born : May 16, 1983 Birth Place : Apartado, Antioquia, Colombia From the first grade Paola Jara began participating in singing at festival without any accompaniment and performed the song “Mi Botecito”. Since then her enthusiasm for music has been aroused and made it part of her […]

Rigo Tovar With Glasses
Cumbias Mexico

Rigo Tovar

Real Name : Rigo Tovar Garcia Nickname : Rigo es Amor Born : March 29, 1946 Birth Place : Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico Rigoberto Tovar García (March 29, 1946 – March 27, 2005) was a Mexican singer best known as Rigo Tovar, famous for his cumbia songs. Considered a musical pioneer who started fusing electric guitars, […]