El Chapo De Sinaloa Striking A Pose
Corridos Mexico Norteñas

El Chapo de Sinaloa

Real Name : Ernesto Perez Nickname : Chapito Born : N/A Birth Place : Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico El Chapo de Sinaloa Music Le Hace Falta Un Beso – El Chapo De Sinaloa (Video Oficial) La Noche Perfecta – El Chapo De Sinaloa   El Chapo De Sinaloa – Playlist El Chapo de Sinaloa Bio Ernesto […]

Lounger G In Shades
Chicano Rap Latin Hip Hop

Lounger G

Real Name : Fernando Leonard Carrillo Nickname : N/A Born : January 30, 1984 Birth Place : Pueblo, Colorardo Lounger G Music Lounger G Bio Rap Artist Lounger G aka Fernando Leonard Carrillo of the “Its The Robber Project” EP Album. He is known for creating EP albums as a throwback to the old 45 […]

Kabah Band Members
Latin Pop Mexico


Kabah was a Mexican pop music group based in Mexico City. It was formed in 1992 and disbanded in 2005. Kabah was formed in 1992 by Federica Tapia and her brother André. Their cousin Sergio was next to be added to the group, and later their neighbor and friend Maria José. At the time there […]

Doll E Girl Representing Los Angeles
Chicano Rap

Doll-E Girl

Real Name : Patricia Barron Nickname : The Mafiosa Mami Born : March 3, 1977 Birth Place : Los Angeles, California, United States Doll-E Girl was born and raised in the city of Lincoln Heights, California. She has always been a big fan of Low-riders and Low-riding. “If it wasn’t for that, I would have […]

Zona Band Members
Rock En Español

Zona 7

Through their music, innovating arrangements, and profound lyrics written by several members of the band, the goal of Zona 7 is to reach and provoke a positive change in the life of teenagers. The lyrics of their songs provide an alternative to the “Glamorous” life style created and promoted in TV, movies and the media. […]

My Baby
Puerto Rico Reggaeton

Ñengo Flow

Real Name : Edwin Rosa Nickname : Real G Born : October 15, 1981 Birth Place : Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Edwin Rosa, known publicly as “Ñengo Flow” is a hip hop artist and composer of Puerto Rican reggaeton. His fast and complex lyrics have him being referred to as the “Real G” of the […]

Black And White
Puerto Rico Reggaeton


Real Name : Jose Cosculluela Nickname : El Principe Born : October 15, 1980 Birth Place : Humacao, San Juan, Puerto Rico Jose Cosculluela, known artistically as Cosculluela, is a Puerto Rican Reggaeton & Hip Hop singer-songwriter. Cosculluela is best known for his complex lyrics and aggressive style. José Cosculluela was born and raised in […]

Cynthia Yolanda Cd Cover
Mexico Rancheras

Cynthia Yolanda

Real Name : Cynthia Yolanda Nickname : N/A Born : N/A Birth Place : N/A Cynthia Yolanda is a Mexican regional music singer who specializes in Ranchera type of music. Cynthia Yolanda has released two albums, one titled Uno and the other Pues Vete which was recently released. Pues Vete includes a few songs with […]

Yolanda Perez Striking A Pose
Banda Norteñas

Yolanda Perez

Real Name : Yolanda Perez Nickname : La Potranquita Born : May 20, 1983 Birth Place : Los Angeles, California, United States Yolanda Perez is an American singer who specializes in banda music. She’s known by her stage name “The Potranquita”, a name taken by her father from his hometown of Zacatecas, Mexico. Yolanda Perez […]