Mozart La Para Striking A Pose
Dominican Republic Latin Hip Hop

Mozart La Para

Real Name : Erickson Fernandez
Nickname : N/A
Born : N/A
Birth Place : Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Fernández Erickson better known as “Mozart La Para” is a Latin Hip Hop artist , named given by members of the group that he started, Carga Pesada, composing all the tracks.

Also known as “Gran Mozart” and “La Para”, the latter name comes from the branch “free style “. Since the age of 14 Mozart La Para started in the turnover Dominican city, specifically in the area of “freestyle” or improvisation, where Mozart La Para has won many competitions, prizes and respect from the streets.

Mozart La Para is considerate by many one of the best freestyle young rappers from the Dominican

Mozart La Para participated in the “Battle of Red Bull Gallos 2008. ” Mozart La Para with just 22-year-old managed to climb sharply in the genre, making numorous tracks and mixes electronic “beat “…. Mozart was born in the barrio of Los Mina, Santo Domingo Este, from there moved to El Almirante. He began singing in 2002 and would use school money to buy recording time

Mozart La Para over the years has become a very great raper.He has won many rap battles.
he was raised in the dominican republic. Its comin for dominicans to rap.So for you people that wanna no about him more look him up in youtube he has alot of videos. you will be impressed with his rhymes.

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