Guadalupe Pineda Striking A Pose
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Guadalupe Pineda

Real Name : Guadalupe Maria Pineda Navarro
Nickname : N/A
Born : February 23, 1955
Birth Place : Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Guadalupe Pineda (23 February, 1955) is a Mexican singer, born in Guadalajara, Jalisco and, while studying sociology began her career as a singer, performing several tracks in clubs and cafes. In 1984 she recorded the theme “Yolanda”, aka “Te Amo”, from the famous singer Pablo Milanes, who finally released to the general public becoming increasingly popular among the new young voices of the song in Mexico.

Possessing a clear and powerful voice, she has covered different genres, the bolero and the tango, ranchera song, opera, Latin pop lyric. Her work has been published record in several countries, some as far away as Japan. Even interesting duets recorded between highlighting the popular singer made with Argentina Mercedes Sosa with item such as “Gracias a la Vida”, and with the same Pablo Milanes.

She has toured the United States, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Central and South America, including a performance at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires next to Mercedes Sosa in November 2006.

Guadalupe Pineda formed the group “Sanampay” with which she played Spanish rock and made solo albums which Carlos Diaz produced, titled “Caíto.” In this collaboration, they recorded the song “Jacinto Cenobio”, which is considered one of the best recordings of Mexican folk music.

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