CorridosCorridos are a traditional form of song sung by the people of Mexico and the also the family who come from the country as well. Corridos have been around for a long time, and the style of music favors a waltz, and is generally played with a guitar and accordion. Unlike other common songs in Mexico, corridos are meant to be heard, and have a special message or story within the songs.

Before technology became what it is today, the people of Mexico used corridos as a way to spread the latest news about all that was currently happening in the country. Corridos began as a way to let even the people who lived on the most rural parts of Mexico stay up to date with what was happening throughout the cities. Other times, corridos were used to spread the word about the corruption of the politicians in the country without writing anything down or broadcasting it on the radio. Corridos were used a lot during the revolutions in Mexico and allowed the common people of Mexico to communicate without the government knowing, and also let everyone know how the fight was going. When a person would do something heroic, or be killed for standing up against the Mexico government, a song would be made to remember the person and the brave thing he/she had done.

Corridos are in story form and have several parts to them. There is no set rules that a writer of narco corridos must follow, but generally there is a beginning, a story, a moral or lesson, and then a farewell. The lessons may be about standing up for what you believe, or never letting true love fade away. Some corridos are not stories about politics and corruption, but about drug kingpins which go by narcocorridos. The music form of a narco corrido is a hard-core song discussing how the cartel operate and how they torture their victims, which is great for a narcocorrido story.

Corridos were more commonly about men, and snag by men. The songs would be sung during the day while men worked, and a lot of times the words were about the general way of life for the average citizen of Mexico. They would sing about how the work was hard, the hours were long, and the rewards for their hard work were almost nothing at all. The speed of traditional corridos was fast, and helped bring a little cheer to the people of Mexico even during their hardest times.

Corridos are very important to the culture of the people of Mexico, but also the Mexico citizens who were able to flee the country and begin a new life. Corridos are very popular in New Mexico, and allow for the stories and experiences that were had in Mexico to be remembered for generations.

The popularity of Corridos faded when more technology became available, and things life televisions and the internet changed the way the entire world communicated and relayed messages. Here recently, corridos have began to increase in popularity and although are now sung about different hard times, and even with a different tempo, the songs are still messages and stories. Narcocorridos, the new corridos of our times!


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