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Rafael Orozco Maestre Biography

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Rafael Orozco Maestre
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Rafael Orozco Maestre was known for being part of the group El Binomio de Oro.

Rafael Orozco Maestre was born in a March 24, 1954, at the home of "Rafiki" and Cristina Orozco Maestre. He was surrounded by the everyday bustle of his countrymen, doing menial jobs to contribute to the survival of a large family. Mounted in "Nato", a donkey garufero which became unconditional companion, carrying loads of water that gathered on the banks of Maracas and sold in the urban perimeter. On the banks of the river birth of her first poems. It outlined the beginning of a frustrated accordionist who wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father.

Rafa was a man of humble birth. Led to the altar to the fiancée, Clara Elena Cabello, the woman of his heart gave joy to meet three beautiful girls, Johanna Kelly, Wendy Yolani and Loraine.
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