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La Reina del Sur Biography

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La Reina del Sur
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Teresa never wanted to become the queen of anything but fate played dirty and love for "El Guero" condemned her to a fate that chose her to be Mistress of Coke, and conquer a world of powerful rough men. She became a legend and today known as La Reina del sur...

A woman born in Culiacan, used to walking in streets flooded with money launderers, drug dealers and corrupt cops, falls into the trap of a world that always feared. She lost a bet with her heart and the rhythm of "narcocorridos" lives her love affair with El Guero Davila.

Teresa Mendoza falls in love with this airplane pilot unrevealed secrets, written in a diary. A man who's mysterious ways made her fall in love.

She chose her fate as a victim and executioner, in a business that El Guero betrayed and led to his death, Teresa now has to run to save her to life. Leave everything behind, their memories and their secrets in Mexico to conquer a kingdom across the sea.

She always moved in a world of men who smile when it comes to death. She was strong and dedicated to making a living managing numbers and defend against a reality which denied the right to love. Without knowing she starts to negotiate with drug lords and conquer the most difficult route to the coast of Spain, to become La Reina del Sur. The queen of the coca in the Costa del Sol.

So Teresa Mendoza becomes a legend, wins the war with a premise of a woman, understand that drug business is not an end or a means and it is only what you are willing to pay for it.

But the search does not end there, Teresa learned that revenge is paid betrayal and death of Guero will not go unpunished ... With her strength, Teresa Mendoza will arouse the lowest passions, envy of men and enemies of the past that still do not understand that a woman has won a business that they built themselves.

She avenge the death of her love and won't let history pass her buy without taking care of them within here own law ... Time for a deadly war with the La Reina del Sur.
By : Wuicho . Wuicho On : 12/11/2011

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