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Eduardo Cruz Biography

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Eduardo Cruz
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The story begins long ago, when Eduardo Cruz was 4 or 5 years, "recalls Eduardo". When a I heard a CD playing on the background, which I imagine would have been vinyl, I heard something that caught my attention and I liked it. It was a classical piece, then I knew it was Mozart, "This was a call for the music part of me. ! And in the end it has been!

At home there was always music, mostly because my sister - Penelope Cruz and the international dancer and actress Monica Cruz, both highly successful artists, they liked to dance.

Eduardo Cruz is a Spanish musician, born in the town of Alcobendas, a city north of the city of Madrid.

Composer Various TV Commercials, Loreal etc ...

Musical arranger of the new campaign Lancome Tresor.

Film Score Composer.

Composer of songs from the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

At the moment Eduardo Cruz is composing the songs from his new album and writing songs for other artists. He's also known for being in a relationship with Evan Langoria.
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