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Alvaro Torres Biography

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Alvaro Torres
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Álvaro Torres (born 1957) is a Salvadoran singer and songwriter.

Álvaro Torres was born to a poor family on April 9, 1957 in Usulután, El Salvador. Torres moved to Guatemala and started a solo career recording his first album, "Algo especial" (Something Special) in 1976. In 1977 he released the album "Acariciame" (Caress Me), and he became better known in the 1980s. Years later, Torres moved to the United States. He lived in Colorado, California and finally Florida. In 1991 Torres had an artistic breakthrough when he released "Nada se compara contigo". He was voted Songwriter of the Year by BMI in 1994.

Some of his more famous songs are "Un poquito de amor" (A Little Bit of Love), "La Unica" (The Only One), "Lo Que Se Dice Olvidar" Si Estuvieras Conmigo (If you were here with me) and "Nada se compara contigo" (Nothing Compares to You). He sang a duet with the Mexican singer Marisela on the song "Mi amor por ti" (My Love for You), and also sang a duet with Selena on the song "Buenos amigos" (Good Friends).

Some of his musical influences are Sandro, Camilo Sesto, and Joan Manuel Serrat.

His current Record Label is Big Dream Christian Music. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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